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A woman has a quarter of a million sweat glands in each foot. In addition to sweat, they are the key to the release of pheromones - a natural sexual attractant. Pheromones are subtle though and you may not be aware of the aroma that is stimulating your libido.

With larger amounts of perspiration you create an environment that is perfect for the growth of Brevi bacterium epidermis. This bacterium can be found only in the feet and is closely related to the bacterium that is responsible for the taste and fragrance of Limburger and Port-du-Salut cheeses.

This web site is a celebration of ladies who have "cheesy" feet!

For some of us there is nothing more delightful than a woman's cheesy feet, just as for some people there is no substitute for a good Limburger cheese.

If you enjoy cheesy feet, or just pictures of feet that have been worked hard to develop a rich patina of sweat then this is the site for you!

Join us, please!

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